Jermaine P.

Would there be a space you miss spending time in?

Great question, I think I'd say a gym that I frequent.

Does this space have any cultural significance to you?

It was my refuge and it allowed me to take out my anxiety or well deal with it. Not having access to this space made managing my mental health a real challenge. It's a nice gym at Pape and the Danforth.

How do you feel about accessing this space now? Are you less likely to spend time at this site due to COPVID19?

I think the hardest thing was not having access to the community that went to the gym. It was pleasant to simply say hi. I loved that it was a space that was shared for self care through the method of working out. COVID19 has caused me to feel isolated internally but the community there would have been helpful. I know that working out is a solo thing to do but its imporant for selfcare.