Sol G.

Would there be a space you miss spending time in?

Theres an abandoned lot located at Brock Avenue and Queen Street West.

Does this space have any cultural significance to you?

When I first came to Toronto I was isolated and lonely. I ended up going for a walk in the area and accidentally found that lot. Eventually when my faimly started to visit me I would take them to this empty lot which had a nice plot of grass to have picnics during the summer. This particular lot is no longer accessible as there are now baracades and tape making it off limits due to covid19. On this reclaimed lot is a small childrens park with a large open space. I think this lot used to be a parking garage.

How do you feel about accessing this space now? Are you less likely to spend time at this site due to COPVID19?

I want to access this space but of course I'm worried about being stopped or told not to be at that spot. I went for a walk in the area recently and noticed that the number of police has increased in surveilling the area. Theres a co-op housing unit or apartment building right behind the lot. It's not uncommon for community housing complexes to be surveilled and policed.