The black community faces two pandemics. First the pandemic of COVID19 and the second pandemic of police violence and brutality. Interviews and animations will document the lived experiences of black folks from a variety of communities and backgrounds.

How do we investigate the collective experience of space and time-shifting? What are the new cultural shifts in systems and the lived experiences of maginalized folks during a historic global pandemic? In times of isolation highlights the fascinating impacts of social isolation in the context of public or communal spaces being transformed into private or isolated sites. Public spaces or community sites have been documented during the process of isolation walks. Participants in the project will share their experiences with how public spaces have shifted to feel similar to private spaces due to social isolation measures caused by the COVID-19 virus.

There has been an unprecendented/aggressive shift of surveillance, policing of physical spaces. . The increased dangers with respect to over-policing of LGBTQ, black, indigenous and people of color communities during the COVID-19 Pandemic.